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Multifunctional hydraulic and Aerodynamic cable blowing machine

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Fiber Blowing Machine designed for blowing micro cables with the diameter from 2,5 to 12 mm is new on the European market. Micro Cable diameter from 5 to 20 mm. Solid and simple construction enables easy operation of the blower and long-term durability. Due to high quality of the tray and power of the pneumatic engines the blow speed of up to 110m/min is available at a distance of up to 2,5km. The distance of up to 3,5km is possible when we use water instead of air.






















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    Overview of air blown optical cable technology
    • -Air blown optical fiber is to blow the optical fiber into the pre laid empty pipe through compressed air.
    • -In 1982, British Telecom invented the technology of blowing optical cable.
    • -In 1987, British Benrui company invented single blown optical fiber technology.
    • -In 1988, the installation of indoor blowing optical fiber was realized for the first time in the world.
    • -ln 1993, the whole system was developed and perfected, officially named as blowing optical fiber system, andbegan to be commercialized.
    • -With the progress of technology, the growth of market demand and the rapid development of optical fibercommunication technology, the arrival of "light speed economy" has been accelerated. Modern society relies more and more on communication; Thus, with the development of pneumatic blowing technology, pneumatic blowing technology also fully serves the communication technology; From the initial single fiber air blowing technology to the current multi fiber air blowing, cluster tube air blowing micro cable, single pipe air blowing multiple micro tubes and air blowing cables; Wide application fields;










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