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More than 12+ years of microduct products and pneumatic fittings manufacturing experience

Zhejiang OuLu Automatic Equipment Co., ltd. is now one of the leading manufacturers of security transmission equipment in China. Since established in 2003,  our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system authentication and National Double Soft authentication. Since its establishment, we have won many honors and certificates like one of the ten best-selling brands in the Chinese security industry, one of the ten new products in the Chinese security industry, together with more than 10 patents, intellectual property, and copyright.

The success of company: Oulu is based on:

The Study and knowledge sharing of Projects with Customers

Share our technology with our customers and provide safe, reliable and profitable equipment to achieve a final product that fully satisfies consumers. Requirements analysis, end product, automation and appropriate technology are fundamental to finding the best solution in any manufacturing process. Our experience enables us to assess our customers' real needs and provide appropriate solutions for their manufacturing processes from our broad range of industrial solutions.


Process Automation

We are ready to advise customers on the best option for automated installation according to their requirements. We can also integrate our equipment into the factory's existing mechanical and electronic systems. Our international experience enables us to adapt to different systems and markets.

Assembly and commissioning

Once the project is awarded to OULU, our engineering department will draw up an action plan from the initial calculation of the installation (final equipment layout, electromechanical drawings, PID, etc.) to the site installation with the customer.

Throughout the installation process, all of our equipment is supervised by OULU personnel to ensure that the installation will work correctly in accordance with agreed technical specifications.

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Own production equipment

Our company is located in Yueqing City, Zhejiang province, China. Which is close to the Airport and Train station.

Our facilities include a production facility of over 10,000 square meters and the machines needed to manufacture the equipment designed by our technical department. There are over 150-200 employees in Oulu Company, 20 engineers belong to technical department, 10 sales managers for mainland market and foreign market. This means quality control, a commitment to equipment delivery and continuous product improvement.

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We conduct custom studies for each project: this allows us to optimize the capabilities of the equipment according to the actual needs of our customers.
Own production equipment: This allows us to control, customize and ensure the quality of our equipment, reducing manufacturing time.

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