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Our Service

Provide fast and high quality pre-sale and after-sale service

With its stable product quality, fast delivery time and price advantage, after comprehensive reform, the company stands out in the fierce market competition and develops steadily.  It is advancing towards the direction of modern enterprise and advancing with The Times.  "Sincere, pragmatic, high-quality, efficient" for the purpose of the enterprise, dedicated to the community of all walks of life service.


Technology and mature technology, strict quality control, with rich experience and ability of product processing

High Quality Service

It is moving towards the direction of modem enterprises and advancing with time, sincere, pragmatic, high quality.

High Quality Production

With a large, stable and competitive sales and service network in more than 100 countries and regions.

Automatic Production

With the world’s advanced automatic production equipment,technology and mature technology

For wholesale

We ensure that we provide our wholesale customers with high quality products and good after-sales service in a timely manner to meet their project needs. We can do this:
1.ODM or OEM will paste customer information on products through molds or stickers to meet customers' customized needs and help customers establish brands.
2. We have established customer service centers with local partners to provide customers with good after-sales services.
3. We have some products in stock to meet customers' urgent needs.
We have enough production lines to meet the quality requirements and ensure reasonable delivery time.

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FOR contractor

We ensure that our contractor customers are provided with a one-stop shop to meet their project needs. We can do this:

1. Provide complete products, including matching accessories

2. We provide ODM or OEM services

3. We can provide technical support for the contractor's engineering design

Provide the best quality and service to our partners


For engineering company

We make sure to help our engineering clients complete their projects on time. We can do this:
1. Provide complete products, including accessories.
2. We provide ODM or OEM services.
3. We can provide technical support for engineering projects.
4. We can provide on-site engineering guidance

For reseller

We help ensure the resale of our customers to expand the business. We can do this:

1. We offer high quality new product promotion solutions that help them to get more business.

2. For their unique design products, improve the competitive advantage.

3. We provide high quality products, competitive price.

4. If possible, we will sign a client area sole agency agreement.


After-sales services

customer feedback after-sales department records

The technical department feed back solution to customer

After sales- department feedback solution to customers