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Quality Control

Quality Control

We control the quality of our products from raw materials to finished products.All raw materials are inspected when they arrive at our factory.
We control the quality in the production process with advanced technology and equipment.
We test the finished product according to the test standard.

Product Process

Plastic Parts

Metal Parts


Quality Inspection



We have 5 existing production workshops, 4 production lines in assembly plant.

Test Ability

"Our company has complete testing equipment, scientific testing methods and effective control of products ."


01. Appearance requirements:
Micro duct connector should be complete shape, no bristles, bubbles, cracking and gap, no warping, impurities and other defects.  All background colors should be uniform and continuous.
Test result: Yes
02. Sealing performance:
Micro duct connector after packing according to the specified operating procedures, the charging pressure of the joint is 100kpa+5kpa. There should be no bubble leakage after soaking the container in normal temperature water for 15min, or no change in the barometer indicator for 24h.
Test result: no bubble leakage.
03. Compression performance:
Through the pressure test instrument in the factory, it can maintain normal use at the bursting pressure of 25 bar .
Test result: Pressure test successful.



1. Provide customers with the whole process service from drawings to products.
2. Meet customers' requirements of customizing logos in appropriate locations for existing products.
3. Reasonably modify and customize existing products to meet customer requirements.
4. After signing the cooperation agreement, we can provide free design according to customer requirements.