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HDPE 2 way 14/10mm single tube microduct for fiber optic cable installation

Short Description:

The micro-pipeline system consists of single-hole microtubes, microtubule bundle tubes(abbreviated as bundle tube),high-performance air-blown optical cables,pipeline system accessories and air-blown construction machine and tools.

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Single-Hole Microtube

The most basic component of the micro-pipe system is high density polyethylene(HDPE plastic pipe,which can be simply described as “small-sized silicon core pipe”)with a nominal outer diameter of not more than 16mm,The inner wall of the pipe has a permanent solid silicon core lubricating layer, and some specifications of micro-longitudinal guide rib groove structure on the inner wall of the micro-pipe can further reduce the friction between the inner wall of the pipe and the cable, which is beneficial to the laying of optical cables by air blowing. A variey of microtubes can be selected by customers. The most commonly used specifications include Ø10/8mm,Ø12/9mm,Ø14/10mm.

Cluster Tube

In the bundle pipe, porous microtubes are arranged and combined according to a certain way,and the outer layer is coated with polyethylene sheathe to form the bundle pipe, so that more tube holes can be accommodated in a limited space. The bundled microtubes are independent of each other,which is convenient for the identification and connection of microtubes. The outer layer sheath provides better mechanical lightness for the microtubes.

Product Characteristics

1. The inner wall of microtube never falls off, and friction coefficient is very small,so it is very easy for optical cable to be extracted in the pipeline.

2. The radius of curvature of microtube is small ( ten times of its outer diameter). When laying, the bends and drops are encountered, which can be determined according to the topography of Hanjing, without any treatment, let alone setting up excessive wells.

3. The length of each microtube (disc) can be made into any length. Generally, considering transportation safety and construction blow-out technology,the standard length of each microtube(disc) is set at 200M.

4. The background color and color bar of microtubeles can be determined according to the actual situation of the project. To enhance the antixidant capacity of microtubules, we recommend using microtubules with air guide grooves on the inner wall of white ground. This kind of micro-plastic pipe can prolong its service life, and can also effectively divide trenches and lay multiple pipe, such as white, blue,yellow,red and orange.


No. Project 4 ways Bundle Tube 12/9mm
1 Structural Diagram Microduct Cluster Tube (4)
2 Appearance Single-hole mictubes forming bundle tubes should have uniform wall thickness at any interface,w/o pores or defects and the outer and inner surface should be free of crackd, holes,water stains,repairs and any other defects.There shall be no obvious crack on any interface of the sheath layer of the bundle pipe over the whole delivery length,and there shall be no adhesion between the microtube inside the hole and sheath layer of the bundle pipe.
3 Physical Dimension Outside Diameter Nominal Value(mm):34.0 Wall thickness(mm):2.5±0.2
4 Tensile Yield Strength ≥21Mpa
5 Breaking Elongation ≥350%
6 Compressive Strength 2000N
7 Longitudinal Retraction Rate ≤3%
8 Microtubule Crushing Force microtubes under 450N crushing load,no cracking no permanent damage
9 Impact Test Under the condition of negative 20℃ and height of1.5m impact,10 samples with 15.3KG heavy hammer,and at least 9 samples shall not crack.
10 Coefficient of Internal Friction ≤0.1
11 Microtubule Pressure Test 1.6Mpa
12 Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance 96h,Failure No.≤20%
13 Operating Temperature Range -40℃-70℃

Material: Hybrid low smoke zero halogen microduct with unre recycled material

Production Standard:

the inner wall must be fluted, slippery and have a low coefficient of friction without the need for additional wet lubricants.

The microduct must not have any insulated copper wire inside and no ripcords.

Identification Color: according to the customer`s standard code,such as blue,orange, green, brown, gray, white, red and black

Usage:suitable for fibre management

QC System: quality check by specially machine

Package: by disc

After Service: Technology skill by video

Min QTY:1000 Meters

Payment Terms: By T/T

Microduct Cluster Tube (5)
Microduct Cluster Tube (6)
Microduct Cluster Tube (7)

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