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Polyurethane Plastic PU Tube

Short Description:

PU hose is used for industrial robots and pneumatic piping.

PU tubing is short for polyurethane tubing, which can be divided into polyester and polyether tube(can be customized). Polyester has a high capacity for sliding abrasion resistance and polyether offers excellent impingement abrasion resistance. PU tubes have hardness of 95A,98A,90A and 64D with good bend resistance. It  has higher flexibility than nylon and higher flexibility in low temperature. PU tubes are also environment friendly. Meanwhile, sprial tubing,PU braided tubing,two layers tubing and double row tubing are all available.




Product Detail

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1.Excellent Flexibility

2.Small bending radius and resistance to bending

3.It has high elastic recovery memory effect

4.Resistance to wear,tear and impact

5.Resistant to some non-corrosive chemicals and oils

6.Can flow flammable objects,can be fused

7.Can be 100%incinerated into ash, is recognized as environmental protection products

8.Good flame retardant,smooth inner wall, low friction coefficient,high medium through ability

9.Good flame retardant, non-toxic,non-tasteless

Product Usage

Suitable for all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic automatic machinery, air compressors and various connected pneumatic components, etc., widely used in industry, decoration industry and pneumatic supporting pipelines in various fields to transport compressed air and water.

Product Overview

High pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, good flexibility, bending resistance, smooth pipe body, low friction coefficient, low fluid resistance, excellent weather resistance, and excellent aging resistance.

PU Hose (3)
Material: Polyester
Fluid: Air,Water
Burst Pressure: 400Psi
Working Pressure: 0-150 Psi
Operating Temperature: -20-60℃
Shore: 95A,98A
Size Tolerance: 3-8mm,+/-0.10mm;10-16mm,+/-0.15mm
Packing: Neutral carton+big carton
Shipping way: By sea,by air,by courier
Samples Policy: Free samples against your courier and for custom items, we will discuss by email.

Order Terms


Lead Time: in 7 days

Delivery: by express/by sea/by air

Payment Terms: By T/T


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