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What is Microduct Connector?

Micro ducts are small diameter conduits ranging from 3-16 mm outer diameter (OD) that provide a pathway for fiber cables. Our Micro duct Connectors are designed to provide simple, 2-click plug-and-play coupling of micro ducts, enabling longer runs and excellent pushing/pulling performance. The micro ducts to be linked with can be either of the same outer diameter (OD), or of different OD using hybrid Micro duct Connectors.
Micro duct connectors and enclosures contribute to link your micro duct conduits. It’s designed to easy-to-install and disconnect with lock and nut, or plug-and-play mechanism. Transparent, it allows you to visually inspect micro cables passing through during installation.
Micro duct connectors and enclosures are used for coupling micro-ducts together fast and easily, with just push/pull or plug-and-play mechanism. Simply push the micro ducts into the centers of the coupling and no special tools are required.

Micro-duct Connectors come in four different versions:


This is the Micro duct Straight Connector . Straight Connectors are used to join sections of micro-ducts.


This is the Micro duct Push Fit Reducer Connector. Reducer Connectors are used to join micro-ducts of different dimensions.


This is the Micro Duct Connector End Stop. It’s Round with Clear Body. End Stops are used to block open duct ends and prevent water and dirt from entering the micro-duct.


This is the waterproof air/ gas block micro duct connector. The gas blocks (water blocks) are normally used between indoor and outdoor environments to prevent air flow that may result in condensed water getting into ducts.

Micro duct connectors  have so many advantages that I can introduce to you. Such as:
1. Easy “Push-In” Installation
2. Simple, 2-click plug-and-play coupling, no special tools required.
3. Transparent Plastic Body, Easy to observe the situation inside the connector.
4. Secure Mechanism
5. Secured by locking rings or nut to prevent accidental removal of connector.
6. Airtight And Waterproof, Connections are watertight up to 5 meters below water surface.
7. High Environmental Resistance
8. High temperature resistance minus 45 to 50 degrees
10. High pressure resistance greater than 25 bar.
11. Long Service Life, Useful life for at least 25 years

Zhejiang Oulu automatic equipment is dedicated to produce and supply our customers with micro duct connectors and enclosures of excellent quality. You can customize your LOGO on any type of our micro duct connectors and enclosures. Usually you can also expect fast lead time in urgent need.

Post time: Apr-27-2021