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420KM Micro duct Cluster Tube Are Delivery To Turkey


The good news today that we are finish the production on Micro duct cluster tuber in 12 days. It is a large mount to 420KM delivery from China to Turkey. The customer is make happy with our quality control system, he said that lucky to meet with us and establish the business for long time.
Since its establishment, the company has developed good cooperative relations with many countries. Our products are through a very strict production and inspection process.  Quality is also recognized by each customer.
The friendly cooperation with Turkish customers this time is inseparable from our good reputation in the process.  From the beginning to contact the mail sample, the customer after detection and finally order.  We remained enthusiastic and responsible throughout the process.  We believe that only by adhering to the same belief for each customer, can we establish a long-term cooperative relationship.
Maybe a lot of people don't know our products very well.  Let me introduce you about what`s Micro duct Cluster Tube.


Microtubule system,It is composed of single hole microtubule,microtuble bundle tube,high performance gas blowing optical cable,pipe fittings and air blowing construction equipment.

Single Microtube

It is high density polyethylene(HDPE)with a nominal size of no more than 16mm,with various specification for customers to choose from10/8mm,12/9mm,12/10mm,14/10mm.

Bundle Tube

Several tubes are arranged in a certain way,and the outer layer is covered with polyethylene jacket to form a bundle tube.
With the fast growing demands of network today, the High Density Polyethylene Micro duct allows for a more economic and advantageous method for optic fiber installation, through better utilization of space within existing ducts. HDPE Micro duct pipes have a silicon inner surface and are typically small-diameter, flexible, or semi-flexible. They are designed to provide clean, continuous, low-friction paths for placing optical cables that have relatively low pulling tension limits.

Product Features

1.Small friction coefficient,never fall off
2.The curvature radius is small(10 times of the outer diametery),and the laying depends on the environment and terrain,and no treatment is needed.
3.It can be made into any length,each standard length is 2000m
4.Colors can be customized


1. Low cost and more efficient
2. Quick re-routing of fibers to meet customers demand
3. Fast installation
4. Allows for maintenance
5. Easy up gradable network

Post time: Apr-23-2021